Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Vision and Mission

About Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition


Vision and Mission


Unleash a new paradigm of seamless manufacturing execution, to drive industrial competitiveness, through an open, real time manufacturing platform and Marketplace.


SMLC will lead the industrial sector transformation into a networked, information-driven environment in which an open Smart Manufacturing Platform supports real-time, high value applications for manufacturers to optimize production systems and value chains, and radically improve sustainability, productivity, innovation and customer-service.

SMLC will create, develop, support and evolve a cloud-based, open architecture manufacturing infrastructure and marketplace through the collaboration of manufacturing thought leaders across industry, academia, consortia and government that will:

  • Enable the 1st open industrial manufacturing application marketplace
  • Integrate existing and future plant level systems and data
  • Facilitate superior real-time manufacturing performance
  • Accelerate the development and deployment of reusable applications
  • Provide an open and secure infrastructure that is accessible, flexible and affordable to all
  • Embrace evolving business needs and new market opportunities agilely
  • Attract the best innovators in a synergistic environment.

SMLC is developing a shared infrastructure (SM Platform) that will enable the implementation of Smart Manufacturing capabilities, to create a step change in manufacturing. The SM platform will promote next-generation economic, energy, sustainability and EH&S manufacturing performance and global competitiveness.