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Testbeds, Projects & Awards

By making the Smart Manufacturing Platform available to all potential users, costs typically required to develop business case specific control and management solutions will be significantly reduced. Smart Manufacturing Platform will be built in parallel with the development of Smart Manufacturing System test beds for diverse applications. This approach will inform design concepts for Smart Manufacturing Platform development and create a push/pull commercialization strategy that accelerates its use in early adopter applications with significant measureable benefits. Once the Smart Manufacturing Platform is established, it will unlock opportunities for participants to create specific applications and workflows to improve the manufacturing operations.

Test beds mitigate risks that individual companies would face in researching and implementing smart manufacturing on their own. SMLC brings together industry, government, manufacturing and university resources to accelerate the development of smart manufacturing approaches and technologies.

SMLC has identified a number of untapped opportunities based on test beds:

  • adaptable machine use benchmarking information and innovation integrated supply chain,
  • integrated dynamic energy management across multiple units
  • tracking and traceability
  • pin point product recalls
  • expanded innovation base
  • rapid in-production product qualification,
  • agility with product transitions
  • simultaneous product and manufacture planning
  • operational management of tradeoffs and risks