Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

R&D Challenges

SM Platform


R&D Challenges

Building the Smart Manufacturing Platform  requires significant technical integration and cross industry collaboration, and includes technical and business risks that the SMLC is addressing. 

The defining technical threads in SM are time, synchronization, and cyber-physical requirements. The enabling infrastructure of the Smart Manufacturing Platform involves multidimensional, virtual shared platforms with access to the tools and capabilities to interface with physical and human systems, as well as the integral virtual facilities for cyber-physical workforce systems.

Challenge 1: Workforce, Cyber, Physical and Performance Intelligence

  • Physical test beds in full scale factory and supply chain demonstrations of applied manufacturing
  •  Scalable, secure, selective data and model interoperability cross industry environment
    Configurable distributed workforce physical system framework for best practice distributed
    optimization, decision, and automation at the micro, meso, and macro layers
  • Configurable integrated performance metrics meeting company and industry requirements

Challenge 2: Source to Customer Optimization Framework

  • Multidimensional integration of manufacturing enterprise data, process control, automation, management, and optimization infrastructures
  • Architectures for integrated micro, meso, and macro time scale data collection, data management, modeling, action, and completion agreement
  • Data and modeling interoperability with vendor applications and provider platforms
  • Secure interoperability with shared service hubs

Challenge 3: Multi-Dimensional Ecosystem

  • Real-time syncing virtual models and physical operations
  • Integrated service framework
  • Real-time validation and measurements
  • Coordinated synchronization of micro, mesa and macro models at right time scales
  • Task agreements between virtual models and physical operations & between micro, meso and macro layers
  • Actionable windows in time and computational tractability

Challenge 4: Dynamic Supply Chain Intelligence

  • Precompetitive and competitive factory and supply chain community source modeling innovation and simulation assimilation platform
  • Common infrastructure for real-time data-driven models that supports lite application layer
  • Composable data, modeling and metrics ‘apps’ at application layer
  • New modeling and simulation marketplace contribution and distribution architecture