Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Overarching Outcomes

SM Platform

Overarching Outcomes

Agile processes in highly optimized manufacturing plants and supply networks will enable rapid response to fluctuations or new trends in customer demands.

Broaden the Innovation Base
Use of the Smart Manufacturing Platform's open architecture will stimulate entrepreneurs to develop manufacturing hardware and software that can be plugged into the SM platform for access by multiple users.

Next-generation workforce
A manufacturing workforce with advanced skills and talent will be able to more fully take advantage of manufacturing intelligence.

Promote Global Competitiveness
Smart Manufacturing Platform will continually expand its scale to achieve pervasive application of data driven modeling and simulation, and to build continual improvements in manufacturing intelligence, performance, and competitiveness.

Provide Access & Economy-wide Impact
Cost and complexity around implementation of SM systems will lower significantly, and will enable effective use of manufacturing intelligence across both vertical and horizontal operations, especially in small and medium sized companies.

Resource efficiency
Ready access to usable manufacturing intelligence on operational inputs (energy, water, materials, labor, and time) will allow factories to run more efficiently and minimize the use of precious resources.

Safety and confidence
Products and processes will be guaranteed safe and reliable through comprehensive tracking of the sustainable production and real-time handling of all material inputs throughout the factory and supply networks.

Smart U.S. manufacturing processes will minimize impacts on the environment and climate and improve the sustainability of critical U.S. industries, such as clean energy, defense, biotechnology, medicine, and homeland security.

Technology innovation and economic health
Highly integrated smart systems will enable the development of innovative pathways to competitively manufacture existing and novel materials and products in response to growing domestic and global markets.