Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Open platform for smart manufacturing

The Smart Manufacturing Platform and Marketplace


The goal is to develop an open Smart Manufacturing Platform that integrates existing and future plant-level data, simulations and systems across manufacturing seams to orchestrate business real-time enterprise-wide. 

The Smart Manufacturing Platform and Marketplace supports real-time, high value applications for manufacturers to optimize production systems and value chains--to radically improve sustainability, productivity, quality, innovation and customer-service.

It presents a transformative business model,  enabling companies of all sizes to gain easy, affordable, and timely access to an infrastructure and modeling, simulation and analytical technologies that can be tailored to meet cross-industry business-case requirements.

Why it Matters: The Fundamental Challenge Today

Today, everyone relies on core systems as a business driver, but every system requires its own architecture. In most cases, core systems are usually built to provide a specific purpose or capability. All the "for purpose” applications that are needed in a value chain soon become a mountain of core systems and supporting architectures.

The optimal solution will join or cross these systems. 

The industry needs an open infrastructure that can stitch disparate systems and seams together to create innovative solutions.  

These point solutions are crying out for a way to connect, collaborate and interoperate to achieve a comprehensive approach to manufacturing.

Why an Open Smart Manufacturing Platform?

Smart Manufacturing adoption is challenging due to lack of awareness, risks and ROI barriers. The associated costs makes it nearly impossible for companies to “own” all the necessary capabilities to implement Smart Manufacturing.

That's why SMLC is developing a truly Open Smart Manufacturing Platform to provide a highly accessible, industry-driven, enabling infrastructure that is missing today.

Importantly, through its open architecture design, the platform will interface with commercial and open source technologies providing endless opportunities for innovation, sustainability and competitivness to all manufacturing stakeholders.

This infrastructure will provide real-time, data based application development, deployment, performance, and reuse implemented in “as needed services” accessible through the cloud. 

  • Open architecture:  vendor agnostic standards based integration and ability to interface with commercial and open source platform technologies
  • Open access:  low cost access to Smart Manufacturing Platform technologies
  • Open Marketplace:  open access (for contributors and users) to composable, market-driven commercial and open source application libraries inclusive of deployment, data management, modeling and analytics and metrics applications and associated non proprietary deployment data, certifications, and services

Flexible, Affordable, and Accessible to All

By making the Smart Manufacturing Platform accessible to all contributors and users (through its open, vendor agnostic architecture),  small, medium, and large companies across the entire manufacturing value chain can benefit.

The Smart Manufacturing Platform integrates components manufacturers use to customize decision orchestration and management systems. Designed to interface with both legacy and modernized systems, the cross-industry platform makes it easy to extend or add capability to existing manufacturing operations at the level of need or readiness. This functionality significantly reduces the risks and costs required to adopt new manufacturing technology and solutions.

Fully-integrated Enterprise and Value Chain

Smart Manufacturing enables the environment and tools for commercialization of solutionware to be developed and to address areas such as:

  • knowledge based process intensification
  • varying material properties informing and adjusting subsequent phases of manufacture
  • business real-time manufacturing condition monitoring, awareness, and control
  • managing to and trading of integrated sets of key performance indicators across manufacturing seams/lines, and throughout the enterprise (yield, quality, cost, end to end process time, energy, safety, material consumption, ..., etc.)
  • business real time interface of suppliers contributing to smart end-to-end change decisions
  • easy, affordable access to existing and new analytics, modeling, and simulation capabilities - including HPC

Smart Opportunities also include: business real time management to integrated set of key performance indicatorsadaptable machines using benchmarking; information and innovation in an integrated supply chain; integrated dynamic energy management across multiple units; tracking and traceability; pin point product recalls; expanded innovation base; rapid in-production product qualification; agility with product transitions; simultaneous product and manufacture planning; one to many unit individual compartmentalized; and operational management of tradeoffs and risks.

Target Industries:  Untapped opportunities have been identified across manufacturing industries including oil and gas, chemical, metal, glass, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, food, and defense.

Innovation and Competitiveness

An open architecture will attract entirely new communities of solution providers to merge with and enhance existing solutions, lowering the barriers to contributing or commercializing new, innovative software applications used in manufacturing. An Industrial Marketplace offers open source and commercial software applications. This open architecture approach enables affordable evaluation and adoption to other Advanced Manufacturing technologies, thereby modernizing existing facilities and reinvigorating a manufacturing workforce.