Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Open Industrial Marketplace

SM Platform



The overarching objective is to establish an Open, Shared Marketplace that addresses common infrastructure, technology and service components that importantly create value in efficiencies, productivity and access to technology, practice and innovation. In result, the platform will open doors to dormant technologies and encourage entrepreneurs to develop manufacturing hardware and software that can be plugged into the Smart Manufacturing platform for access to a broader manufacturing community.

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What is the Open Smart Manufacturing Marketplace?

A widely-networked, industrial applications marketplace of software resources, associated services and data about software applications managed on behalf of manufacturing where users/developers can review, access and/or contribute to:

  • commercial and open source software applications that address a wide range of manufacturing data and information needs (data collection, management and conditioning; analytics, models, and performance metrics; dashboards and data interface tools, etc.)
  • data and information about software applications ( e.g. current and past uses, limits of use, industry references, standards involved, provider, terms of use, support, cost, etc.)
  • continuously updated and reviewed security methods and practices
  • standards, tools, access and support services for:
    • securely publishing, sharing and updating manufacturing data shared within specified industry partnerships or publicly (i.e. data on use of standards, commonly machine data, etc.)
    • putting software applications into the market place (commercially for profit) OR open source
    • putting workflows into secure operation using the SM Platform, a private platform licensing the SM Platform specifications and/or a hybrid private platform and SM Platform
    • developers to evaluate software applications and design, compose and test workflows
  • brokering services for models and application needs among providers and practitioners.