Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Message from CEO



Message from CEO

" The enabling platform and implementation of the overall culture and process of what we’re talking about could result in always modernizing facilities, that you never get behind, and continually modernize, no more brownfields. That is so important in global competition right now; you can’t be caught behind modernization right now.  To me that’s such a huge driver behind what we’re trying to do.

The question is not how to become globally competitive, but how to be globally competitive in a sustaining state. The infusion of intelligence in manufacturing enterprises is a must to achieve that state, and the way to sustain it is through employing an open architecture, user and technology agnostic Smart IT Platform. Wherever your company, no matter the size, is on the technological sophistication scale, the Platform is accessible and affordable. Such an infrastructure explodes the opportunities for new problem solvers and ideas to flood manufacturing enterprises, enabling easier adoption of advanced and next generation technologies, ever modernizing legacy assets and bringing new heights of capabilities to new designs.  Dynamic, real time management of all performance objectives, rationalizing and trading off where needed, is possible, in many cases for the first time. Historic management of the manufacturing enterprises only within seams, becomes seamless, and customers and suppliers become truly united with host manufacturers.  Better products, at lower costs, in just the right time, in just the right numbers and with the safest and cleanest manufacturing impacts!  That's where I see the vision of the SMLC taking us."

  Denise Swink , SMLC CEO

Denise Swink, SMLC CEO