Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

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A key underlying factor for SMLC's success is the direct participation by industry, government, and university technical resources. SMLC understands the value in identifying key manufacturing challenges and building the SM Platform around tangible business objectives. The SM Platform is industry-driven (made by manufacturers for manufacturers).

Success factors for collaborative activities in smart manufacturing:

  • Flexible methods of partnering
  • Meaningful timeline for results
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Mapping of actions to enterprise outcomes
  • Open to all companies at some co-investment level (including SMEs)
  • Testing and demonstration, not just theory and science
  • Multidisciplinary nature
  • Direct industry/owner involvement
  • Accommodation of work-in-kind
  • Representation by all stakeholders

Find ways to get involved with SMLC. Advance your R&D objectives, find resolution to critical industry problem areas, spur innovation and mitigate risk through collaboration. SMLC members will define a plan of action to achieve immediate benefits and to build the constituency needed to support longer-term goals.

To get involved, contact:

Denise Swink