Frequently Asked Questions


What is SMLC?

Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) Is A Non-Profit Organization That Brings Together A Unique Group Of Talented Experts To Identify Gaps In Technology And The Manufacturing Landscape Today. SMLC Supports Collaborative Research, Development And Commercialization. SMLC Also Advocates On Behalf Of Its Members And Fully Supports SMLC-Identified Priorities. SMLC Leads To Partnerships Between Companies And Researchers, Delivering Results That Could Not Be Realized In Any Other Way. A Number Of Opportunities For Collaboration Are Made Within And Beyond The Pre-Competitive Arena.

SMLC Is Committed To Overcome Barriers To The Development And Deployment Of Smart Manufacturing (SM) Systems Through An Implementation Agenda For Building A Scaled, Shared Infrastructure Called The Smart Manufacturing Platform (SM Platform).



The Open Architecture Of The SM Platform Will Allow Manufacturers To Evaluate And Assemble A Combination Of Controls, Models, And Energy Productivity Metrics With The Appropriate Scope And Degree Of Rigor For Their Company.

Members Have An Opportunity To Provide Input And Guidance For The Design Of The SM Platform Structure While The SM Platform Is In Development And Take Part In Pilot Tests For Emerging Technologies. Members Are Involved In The Definitions Of Initial Testbeds And Target Applications Of Prototypes. Members Also Gain Insight Into Early Market Opportunities And Commercial Value.

Building The Platform Reflects And Addresses Industry Challenges, Needs And Opportunities Through Test Beds, Public-Private And Private-Private Partnerships.

A Key Underlying Factor For SMLC's Success Is The Direct Participation By Industry, Government, And University Technical Resources. SMLC Understands The Value In Identifying Key Manufacturing Challenges And Building The SM Platform Around Tangible Business Objectives. SM Platform Is Industry-Driven (Made By Manufacturers For Manufacturers).

Through SM Platform’s Development, SMLC Will Help Companies Address Manufacturing-Related Challenges Across The Automotive, Food, Military, Materials, Chemical, Oil And Gas, Refining, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Process Control And Automation Industries. SMLC Test Beds Provide The Basis For Defining Individual Company Or Organization Smart Manufacturing Objectives And Integrated Performance Metrics. These Cross Company And Industry Objectives And Performance Metrics Are The Basis Of The SM Platform's Scope And Design.


Why Does SMLC Exist?

SMLC Supports The Manufacturing Industry Through Pursuing A Comprehensive Technology That No One Company Can Undertake. Without A Modern Industrial Infrastructure, Adoption Of SM Systems Is Not Economically Viable. Process Control And Automation Systems Implemented In Piecemeal Fashion Will Continue To Limit Innovation And Capability. SMLC

Will Build The Business, Interoperability And Technology Models, Demonstrations, Infrastructure, And Project Teams Across Multiple Industry Segments. SMLC Will Enable The Implementation Of Smart Manufacturing Capabilities To Create A Step Change In Manufacturing, Promote Next-Generation Economic, Energy, Sustainability And EH&S Manufacturing Performance And Global Competitiveness.


Who can join smlc?

SMLC Membership Is Available To Industry, University, Government Laboratory, Independent Consultant And Organization/Consortia.


How do i join?

for more information, please contact denise swink.