Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Economic Benefit

SM Platform

Economic Benefit

Smart Manufacturing offers ways to modernize existing, serviceable manufacturing operation with the benefits of advanced manufacturing.

SMLC has estimated the potential impact of Smart Manufacturing Systems below.

Demand-driven efficient use of resources and supplies in more highly optimized plants and supply

  • 80% reduction in cost of implementing modeling and simulation
  • 25% reduction in safety incidents
  • 25% improvement in energy efficiency
  • 10% improvement in overall operating efficiency
  • 40% reduction in cycle times
  • 40% reduction in water usage

Product safety

  • Product tracking and traceability throughout the supply

Sustainable production processes for current and future critical industries

  • 10x improvement in time to market in target industries
  • 25% reduction in consumer packaging

Maintain and grow existing U.S. industrial base

  • Environment for broad innovation
  • 25% revenue in adjacent industries
  • 25% revenue in new products and services
  • 2x current  SME’s addressing total market
  • More highly skilled sustainable jobs create