Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition





The open architecture of the SM Platform will allow manufacturers to evaluate and assemble a combination of controls, models, and energy productivity metrics with the appropriate scope and degree of rigor for their company. Members have an opportunity to provide input and guidance for the design of the SM Platform structure while the SM Platform is in development. Members are involved in the development of engineering standards; definitions of initial testbeds and target applications of prototypes; and gain insight into early market opportunities.

Through SM Platform’s development, SMLC will help companies address manufacturing-related challenges across the automotive, food, military, materials, chemical, oil and gas, refining, pharmaceutical, information technology, process control and automation industries. SMLC supports collaborative research, development and commercialization, and advocates on behalf of its members.

SMLC will pro-actively seek funding opportunities to amplify member investments. Members will conduct meetings at least every three months to define priorities and deliverables.

  • Gain access to the “best and brightest” resources that are leading the SM industry.
  • Find opportunities to fuel innovation—access a network of talent, knowledge and expertise.
  • Establish R&D implementation teams for specific projects and funding opportunities.
  • Participate in the deployment of projects and initiatives that address industry hurtles.
  • Form partnerships to pursue new commercial opportunities and emerging markets.
  • Manage risks and uncertainties of deployment through R&D and test bed opportunities.
  • Avoid high cost development of one-off, pinpoint solutions.
  • Develop engineering standards ,define initial test beds, and target applications of prototypes
  • Gain insight into early market opportunities and add commercial value.
  • Provide input and guidance for the design of the SMP structure while it is under development.

For any questions, contact:

Denise Swink